domingo, 17 de fevereiro de 2013


It´s 4:30am and I can´t sleep. Sitting here listening to Joni Mitchell, and feeling lonely and lonely. But not the good loneliness, where we do the things that we love, and we are free. No, this loneliness is diferent. It hurts.

It is hard when all our few friends keep forgeting us, because they have their own lives now. Because they don´t need us anymore. I´m like a priest, when someone needs to talk, I´m always here. But as soon as the burden is lighter, you are forgotten. Sometimes I ask myself why am I here. Why have I reincarnated. And sometimes I wish I´d go back. When I was a High-Priestess and I was stong as the Goddess Herself. Nowadays I´m just a poor excuse of a person, alone and living in a dream world...

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